Film Types

Using different film as packaging material is hardly limited nowadays. In case you want to use neutral, transparent or preprinted polyethylene material with your logo - you can customize the packaging on all your needs! Even film thicknesses of 40 to 150µm can be processed. Of course we can offer special films such as corrosion or oil resistant and even anti-static material. In case your customer don't want to empty the bag at once special film material for producing reclosable bags (Mini-Grip) are also available. For your tubular bag you can choose types of machines from us for the processing of semi-tubular film or flat film.

Neutral and Needled Film

Neutral film material is transparent and is rewound onto smaller rolls straight after it has been extruded and cut. It is possible to dye the film colors such as milky or translucent red. Colored film is usually infused with anti-static or anti-corrosive additives in order to make it visually stand out from neutral film material.

Our machines cut a small ventilation hole in the bag as standard, so that air can escape from the bag. This is sufficient for most applications. We would recommend using needled film material to guarantee more rapid ventilation.

Corrosion Protection

Unfinished metallic products are constantly subjected to corrosive processes, since metal + H2O + O2 results in corrosion. This becomes even more severe if the metal is in a marine environment, such as when it is being exported.

In spite of the fact that there is no direct air exchange in a sealed film bag, corrosion still takes place. The reason for this is that corrosive material is already present in the products when they come to be packed.

Special anti-corrosion film (VCI film) is used in order to prevent corrosion within the bag. A special additive in the film material binds the corrosive material to the surface of the film, thus preventing the chemical reaction that causes the metal to oxidize.

Print Marks and Preprinted Film

If a large amount of bags need to be packed with the same content and marking, we would recommend using preprinted film material. This eliminates the costs for the thermal transfer printer.

Printing takes place straight after the film is extruded and cut at the manufacturer using professional printing machines. This enables 4-color printing and provides you with very high print quality.

Preprinted film can also be provided using continuous printing.

If information needs to be displayed in image form, and has to be completely legible on the bag, a print mark should also be in place for the layout. This ensures that the film is always cut exactly along the pattern repeat. For this to work, it is essential to determine how long the bag is going to be before printing takes place.

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Antistatic Film Material

Anti-static film material (ESD film) will be used as long as electronic components continue to be packed in film bags. The reduced electrical surface resistivity of 109 to 1012 Ω means that film material is practically semi-conducting, and it can let the charge from the film bag flow off into the surroundings.

Anti-static film is usually dyed a red-translucent color.

Environmental Aspect

Von der gesamten jährlichen Erdöl- und Erdgasproduktion nimmt die Produktion von Polythylen weniger als 1% in Anspruch. Nur ein Bruchteil dieses entstandenen Polyethylenmaterials wird für Folien verwendet. Da der Schadstoffausstoß bei der Produktion minimal ist, entsteht nahezu kein Abfall. Die Herstellung ist also relativ sauber und effizient. Darüber hinaus ist Polyethylen sehr gut wiederverwendbar. Es kann aufgrund seiner thermoplastischen Eigenschaften nahezu unbegrenzt oft wieder eingeschmolzen und zu neuen Folienprodukten verarbeitet werden. Polyethylen-Folien enthalten keine Weichmacher und keine Schwermetalle. Sie sind lebensmittelecht und somit physiologisch unbedenklich (laut BGA).

Da Polyethylen lediglich aus den chemischen Elementen Kohlenstoff und Wasserstoff besteht, wird bei der Verbrennung (und auch Verrottung) nur die beiden Stoffe Kohlendioxid CO2 und Wasser H2O freigesetzt, die weder die Luft, Boden oder das Grundwasser belasten. Polyethylen kann bedenkenlos mit anderen Abfällen zusammen entsorgt werden.

Bei der Folie als Packmittel sind heute kaum mehr Grenzen gesetzt. Sei es ein neurales, transparentes, oder mit Ihrem Logo vorbedrucktes Folien-Material - Sie können die Verpackung ganz Ihren Bedürfnissen anpassen! Auch Folienstärken von 40 bis 150 µm können verarbeitet werden. Selbstverständlich können wir auch Sonderfolien wie z.B. spezielle Korrosionsschutz- oder Ölbeständige Folie anbieten. Für Ihre Schlauchbeutel können Sie Maschinentypen zur Verarbeitung von Halbschlauchfolie oder Flachfolie wählen.

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