Bag Marking

Another important aspect of bag packing is to mark the bag so that it is possible to identify identify the contents clearly.IMG 9021This is especially important if several products appear the same, but perform different functions. What's more, marking the poly-tube bags also provides the opportunity to identify the products using a machine by scanning the bar code. The poly-tube bag can also be printed with graphical logos so it can also serve as a means of advertising.

Thermal Transfer Printing

Nowadays, thermal transfer printing is the most Druck3 weißregularly used marking system for bag packaging. The thermal transfer printer is fast, reliable, and extremely versatile. Since we work with an offset printer, there are no limits to the logos and bar codes that can be created thanks to special software. We recommend using film with white stripes printed on the back to make it easy for the machines to scan the bar codes.

The advantage of a thermal transfer printer is that no consumables are required other than the ribbon.

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Sticky Labels

Many clients still see sticky labels as a good option for marking the contents of bags that have been filled. Using this method, the sticky label is applied during the packaging process before the bag has been filled. There are systems available that dispense and apply the preprinted labels, and some that are fitted with a thermal transfer printing mechanism.

The printer/dispenser combination allows you to print inline on the sticky label and etikettiererthen apply it to the bag straight away. This system is particularly useful if the client wants to label a number of different bags. In this case, the label only has to be altered slightly in the print job and not on the label roll.

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Print Marks and Preprinted Film

If a large amount of bags need to be packed with the same content and marking, we would recommend using preprinted film material. This eliminates the costs for the thermal transfer printer.

Printing takes place straight after the film is extruded and cut at the manufacturer using professional printing machines. This enables 4-color printing and provides you with very high print quality.

Preprinted film can also be provided using continuous printing.

If information needs to be displayed in image form, and has to be completely legible on the bag, a print mark should also be in place for the layout. This ensures that the film is always cut exactly along the pattern repeat. For this to work, it is essential to determine how long the bag is going to be before printing takes place.

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