Bag Types

Film bags can vary very much. Our packaging machines can produce classical single bags as well as chain bags or multi-chamber bags. Chain bags are aligned single bags with the same content. Multi-chamber bags several individual bags which strung together and have different content. This variant is particularly recommended when a selection of delicate surfaces are to be assembled. The multi-chamber or chains may be isolated by a knife or by perforation of desired. The attachment of a Euro hole for displaying in the self-service area or applying oil or water into the bags can be done automatically on our machines.

Single Bags

Nowadays, bulk goods are packed in polyethylene tube bags, which are a cost-effective purpose-oriented packaging. Packing in PE bags is cheap, environmentally-friendly, and practical.

Depending on the contents of the bag, whether it is being used as individual packaging or part of a range, it is also possible to produce chain bags or multi-chamber bags alongside the individual bags. All bags can also be fitteinzelbeutel1ed with a tearing perforation if necessary, so that the end user can measure out the contents of the bag conveniently.

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Multi-Chamber Bags

In certain circumstances, the range of products may have to be packaged separately, handles and screws, for example. Depending on the surface character, this may lead to the screws scratching the handle.

In order to avoid this, the components are packaged separately in a so-called multi-chamber bag or zone bag. This form of packaging consists of chambers that are separate but connected, each of which contains a different product.

An other application using multi-chamber bags is to separate the parts of a large assortment by the assembly process of the fimal product.


Chain Bags

Our packing machines allow you to produce chain bags and multi-chamber bags (zone bags) as standard, alongside the classic individual bags.

Chain bags come in a series of any number of individual bags that have the same content. This means that the individual bags can be torn apart using a kettenbeutelperforation so that the user can separate the bags to serve their purpose at a later point.

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Zip Lock Bags

If the bags contain small parts, which are not going to be used immediately, then we recommend re-sealable bags (zip lock bags). This makes it possible to separate the desired amount from the bag before closing it again using a zip lock.

There are several different versions of the zip lock back (with or without security tags), which means that the user can be certain that the bag leaves the factory without being tampered with.

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