Project VA 313

Packing of fittings / assortments. With this system, various hardware components for windows, doors and room dividers are semi-automatically packed as an assortment through an ergonomic workplace. For the purpose of use on the construction site, clear and complete assemblies should be packaged and labeled in foil bags. A bag transport to the operator is carried out via a conveyor belt for random checks. The bags are identified by a thermal transfer printer.

Assigned Task

Hardware components - consisting of 8 different bulk components - are to be packed semi-automatically (manually fed) as kits. The filled, sealed, and labeled bags are to be returned to the operator for random inspections and for bulk packaging in the carton.


The bag return to the operator was implemented with a plastic chain link conveyor. This link conveyor can be deflected by up to 90° at a relatively small radius. Individual parts such as screws or pins can fall onto the link conveyor due to operator error. In order to avoid conveyor damage due to screws hanging through the conveyor, the conveyor was selected with small gaps between the links. The belt surface, the deflector pulleys, and the lateral guides are covered.

Bags are labeled by a standardized module with a thermo transfer printer.

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